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Isn't "SubEthaEdit" a really silly name?

Probably. However the name has been chosen to honor one of the greatest visionaries of computer supported collaborative writing, Douglas Adams, author of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", one of the funniest and greatest books on earth. In his books he envisioned a travel guide for aliens, which was updated by multiple editors collaborating over the "SubEthaNet". SubEthaEdit is pronounced Sub-Etha-Edit. Sub like in "Subway", Etha like in "Ether", and Edit like in "Editor". In a previous life, before a trademark dispute, SubEthaEdit was called "Hydra".

How do regular expressions work?

Have a look at "Help → Regular Expressions" for a summary of SubEthaEdit's regular expression vocabulary. To learn about basic and advanced regular expressions we recommend

About SubEthaEdit

SubEthaEdit is owned and developed by the SubEthaEdit Contributors — an open-source project organized by Dominik Wagner (monkeydom).

Your best entry point into the project, is the subethaedit/SubEthaEdit GitHub Project